BIGS 2018 Registration

  • Note that Day 1 and Day 2 need separate registrations, as described below.
[Day 1 for Practitioners]
  • Proceedings will be available only to the registered participants.
  • Choose the registration type in the process (AIS member or Non-AIS member).
  • If you want to buy multiple tickets, please contact the Organizing Chair, Briana Burrows (Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center) at USA 650-724-0096 or
  • If you need a formal letter of invitation to apply for the visa from USA embassy, please send a request to Briana Burrows.

Refund Policy
  • Cancel by Nov 1 may be fully refunded.
  • Cancel by Dec 5 may be refunded half of paid fee.
  • For a refund, please contact Briana Burrows at 650-724-0096 or
Institutional Sponsorship
  • The sponsoring institutions will be recognized in the program, and will get the free tickets for their employees.
    • Bronze sponsor ($1,000): 5 tickets
    • Silver sponsor ($2,000): 10 tickets
    • Gold sponsor ($3,000): 15 tickets
    • Diamond (above $5,000): Unlimited
  • For those who are interested in sponsorship, please contact Briana Burrows at 650-724-0096 or
[Day 2 for Academic Researchers]

Academic participants for Day 2 of BIGS 2018 December 13 should register for SIGSEC Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP) as a pre-ICIS 2018 (Click HERE for ICIS 2018 registration).

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