AIS Grand Vision Project for the ICT-enabled Bright Society

Global societal knowledge infrastructures and communication platforms have made life and business more efficient and effective. However, many serious side effects have emerged alongside these information and communications technology (ICT) platforms, imperiling the foundation of future not only in a particular country, but also across borders.

So far, there has been no dedicated academic discipline or society that aims to solve these problems through systematic research on a global scale. Therefore AIS Council agreed to adopt the vision of ICT-enabled Bright Society as an AIS Grand Vision Project (in short Bright ICT Initiative) in Dec. 2014, and established a task force.

The initiative will encompass the development of relevant technologies, business models, public policies, social norms, international agreements, metrics of measuring national progress and more. This endeavor is expected to create many research opportunities to make AIS research outcomes more available and significant for society.