Proceedings of BIGS 2017

Kay-Yut Chen1 (University of Texas Arlington), Jingguo Wang (UTA), Laura Marusich (UTA), Jonathan Bakdash (University of Texas Dallas)

  • A2. Assessing Electronic Commerce Firms Participating in Rural Development Projects: A Customer-based Platform Brand Equity Perspective​ (extended abstract)

Liguo Lou (Chonnam National University), Joon Koh (Chonnam National University), Hyun Shik Yoon (Chonnam National University), and Sang-Joon Lee (Chonnam National University)

  • A3. Automatically Detecting the Resonance of Terrorist Movement Frames (extended abstract)

​Ugochukwu Etudo (University of Connecticut) and Victoria Yoon (Virginia Commonwealth University)

  • A4. Designing Cloud Computing Services Resilient to Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (extended abstract)

​Sungjune Park, Chandrasekar Subramaniam (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Nam K. Kim (Chonnam National University), and Won Seok Yang (Hannam University)

  • B1. The Role of Ethical Climate on Employee’s Perceived Security Risk Assessment (extended abstract)

Randi Jiang (Louisiana Tech University), Jaeung Lee (Louisiana Tech University), Tom Stafford Louisiana Tech University), and Selwyn Ellis (Louisiana Tech University)

  • B2. Optimal Payoff for Selective Traceable Anonymity of a Network System (extended abstract)

Rasel Md Mamun (University of North Texas), Bongsik Shin (San Diego State University), Bin Mai (UNT), Shailesh Kuikarmi (UNT), and Dan J. Kim (UNT)

  • B3. Perceived Responsibilities of Internet Users on Cybersecurity Issues (extended abstract)

Daegon Cho (KAIST), Jaeung Sim (KAIST), and Jae Kyu Lee (KAIST)

  • B4. An Investigation of Cyber-rumor Sharing: The Case of Zika Virus (extended abstract)

Rohit Valecha (UTSA), Tejaswi Volety (UTSA), Naga Vemprala (UTSA), K. Hazel Kwon (Arizona State University), and H. Raghav Rao (UTSA)

  • B5. Managing the Risks of Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing: A Shared Responsibility between Vendors and Client Organisations (extended abstract)

Anup Shrestha (University of Southern Queensland), Omar Ali (University of Southern Queensland), and Michael Lane (University of Southern Queensland)

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